Tom's Projects

Tom's projects involve Coffee and Running.



I've been drinking coffee for a long time. So when it was time for us to travel around the world, I took on the burden of investigating how coffee is served different parts of the world.

Coffee Around the World



I've decided to try to run at least a little bit in every country we visit.

Updates soon ...

Samantha's Projects


Over the course of our travels, out of necessity and due to a love of food, we will be eating a lot. More than a thousand times. Samantha will be studying what people eat in each country. It will involve a lot of sampling, we are sure!


Frankie's Projects

Frankie enjoys many sports, but perhaps her favorite is football (soccer to those of you in the U.S.). Her goal is to play a little fútbol in as many countries as she can.

Soccer Gallery

New Zealand


Jackie's Projects


Jackie has long been fascinated by doors, locks, and keys. Her idea is to photograph and document all the different doors she discovers throughout the world.