The Frankie Interviews: Jackie


As we pack and get ready for The Trip Around the World (I call it TTATW), I took some time to interview each member of our family about what they're expecting from the trip and what they're most looking forward to. First, up, my sister Jackie.

Me: What do you think of the big trip?

Jackie: It's gonna be awesome! But it may not be.

Me: What is your project for TTATW?

Jackie: I'm going to take pictures of different locks and doors I think are interesting.

Me: Cool! Where can we see these pictures?

Jackie: You'll be able to see all my pictures on my photo gallery (coming soon).

Me: What place are you looking forward to?

Jackie: Alaska.

Me: Thank you, Jackie.

has an adventurous spirit and is usually up for anything. She likes to play soccer in different places around the world.

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The Frankie Interviews: Jackie
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