The Frankie Interviews: Tom


As we continue to pack and get ready for TTATW, I took some time to interview each member of our family about what they're expecting from the trip and what they're most looking forward to. Today, I ask my dad a few questions.

Me: Tom, what do you expect from this trip?

Tom: Everybody to be a little less tense. We've been really tense for a while.

Me: What place do you want to visit the most?

Tom: That's very difficult to answer. But if you're making me choose, well, I'm going to pick South Africa.

Me: Do you think the first couple of days will be tough?

Tom: I think the first week will be like a regular vacation. Once we leave Costa Rica, it will get more challenging.

Me: What is your project?

Tom: I'm going to work on a couple of things. First I'd like to try a cup of coffee in each country we visit. I'm also interested in running in different routes in difference countries. And of course, working as the trip documentarian.

Me: Well thanks solo much, Tom. I cannot wait to hear more about this trip!

has an adventurous spirit and is usually up for anything. She likes to play soccer in different places around the world.

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The Frankie Interviews: Tom
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