The (Reverse) Frankie Interviews: Frankie


I didn't want to interview myself, so when it was my turn, my dad interviewed me about the trip.

Tom: So, Frankie. Are you looking forward to this adventure?

Frankie: Yes. Everything about it.

Tom: Everything? Anything more detail than that?

Frankie: No, I expect it to be really awesome. I can't expect more than that. Other than it being a really fun trip.

Tom: Right.  Are you looking forward to one place more than any other?

Frankie: No, each place will be its own separate adventure.

Tom: What will you miss the most.

Frankie: That's hard. But since I have my family with me, I'm really going to miss my friends. And my dog.

Tom: Tell me about your project.

Frankie: I'm going to play soccer — or fútbol — with someone from every county.

Tom: Do you have any expectations for yourself.

Frankie: I expect to learn a little of each language.

Tom: What do you hope to get out of this trip?

Frankie: I want it to be a really awesome experience. Although I already know it will be.

Tom: Thanks, Frankie. Enjoy that adventure.

Frankie: I will!

has an adventurous spirit and is usually up for anything. She likes to play soccer in different places around the world.

The (Reverse) Frankie Interviews: Frankie
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