333 Days in Six Minutes

A Trip Around the World in One Short Video

One of the things I'd planned on doing during our trip was to shoot one second of video for each day we were traveling. I'd done little projects of this nature on short weekend trips (like this one to Julian, California), but this was taking that idea to a whole new level of commitment. However, the project didn't work out exactly as I'd planned. As anyone who's traveled the world will tell you, some days are spent doing pretty much nothing, while others are spent packed with all sorts of activities. So some days I had no clips. Other days I had many clips to sort through.

But these things have a tendency to even out, and in the end, after culling the duplicate clips and the clips that just didn't work, I ended up with 337 clips for a 333-day trip, which is close enough. Here's the finished, edited movie:

I know, some of the clips are out of focus

I used native sound for all of the clips, but I did add a little music to the beginning and end. It's a tune called "Life of Riley," composed by Kevin MacLeod, who offers his Creative Commons-licensed music at his site, Incompetech. Check it out if you need music for one of your projects.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the short film. If you have any questions about anything you saw in the video, just ask!

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333 Days in Six Minutes
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