A Taking On The World Milestone: Celebrating Sixty

Tomorrow is a big day! 

It is the day I have officially booked sixty places for us to rest our heads during our trip around the world.

We have slept on a boat, in trains, in an Airstream trailer, a cave, a luxury hotel and a flea-bitten hotel, hostels, apartments, a Hello Kitty-themed place, a tiny farm room, and huge city houses.

Each one has been memorable. We have shared a bathroom with three hard-partying South Korean students in Bangkok, ridden on the back of a motorcycle with our apartment host in Ho Chi Minh City, made friends with the amazing staff at our hotel in Perth, and exchanged gifts with our three-year old neighbor in Ubud.

Yes, we have also acquired some shampoo, soap, and other toiletries along the way. We promise we didn’t take more than what was provided. By the way, best soap: Hotel Empress Zoe. Best toiletries: Hotel Rihga Royal, Tokyo.

We look forward to what the next few months will bring as we continue our travels.

And, if you are traveling during this time, we’d love for you to consider using our booking.com affiliate link. We get a wee bit of cash for each booking and could certainly use it to help find more unique and wonderful places to stay.

For now, I am off to find accommodations sixty-one and sixty-two. Those nights come fast and furious upon us.

No matter where she is, can be found searching blogs for new places to eat, best street food, and great recipes.

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A Taking On The World Milestone: Celebrating Sixty
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