200 Days of Travel

A Notable Milestone on Our Journey

For some reason humans like to arbitrarily assign importance to round numbers, so today, 8 March 2015, we're celebrating our 200th day of adventure on this Trip Around the World. Here are some statistics we've racked up so far:

  • We've visited 17 countries (including Laos, which is a bit of a cheat)
  • We've flown on 27 planes
  • We've been lucky enough to travel on 7 trains (including one 32-hour ride)
  • We've enjoyed at least three major bus rides
  • We've stayed in 57 different hotels, motels, apartments, and other assorted overnight accommodations
  • We've done (or had done) 29 loads of laundry (and the 30th is in process as I write this)
  • UNESCO World Heritage sites visited: At least 25 (we haven't officially counted up India or Istanbul yet)
  • We've each been sick at least once
  • We've only lost 8 items

And that leaves us about 145 more days to go!

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200 Days of Travel
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