Relaxing in Siem Reap

Tuesday. 20-01-2015 — Thursday. 22-01-2105

Day 153 — 155.

For the next three days, we didn't do much of anything. Really.

Tuesday, Day 153.


The girls went to get a massage at the spa. Then we went to Belmiro's for happy hour where we watched the Australian Open. Then we met our friends Heidi and Alan Wagoner and their children from WagonersAbroad (a fellow traveling family) at Viva.

Wednesday, Day 154.

We needed a change of scenery, so we moved over to Common Grounds, a local coffee shop and cyber that had pretty good wi-fi (for Cambodia). We had some coffee and a little food and hung out there in the air conditioning for a good part of the day with a group of other tourists who had the same idea. And it was Wednesday, so that meant it was Dollar Night at the Fusion Kitchen in the Soria Moria hotel.

Thursday, Day 155.


We went back to Common Grounds to hang out for a good portion of the day again. The same people who were there the day before were there again, so it was sort of like going to an office to work. And the staff was very accommodating. Read our TripAdvisor review of Common Grounds.

For dinner wen walked down the road a l to a place called Room 543. The place had a pretty cool design Turns out it's run by a gent named Henry who used to work at Soria Moria. Small town, Siem Reap.

And that was really about it for three days. Really.

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Relaxing in Siem Reap
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