First-Hand Account of Dengue Fever

The Benders, a fellow nomadic family we're acquainted with, have recently had a brush with Dengue Fever in Bali. Erin Bender wrote about it on their blog:

It’s one of those diseases spoken in hushed tones with a gut-wrenching horror story attached. Your girlfriend’s best friend’s mum’s brother had it and now they are dead. It’s certainly not a disease I ever gave a second thought as we travelled the world.
Until that fateful day.

She goes on to recount her up-close-and-personal experience with Dengue Fever (with some crazy photos). It sounds pretty horrible.

Read the full account of her experience on Travels with Bender.


Image: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Eric Bégin via Flickr.

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First-Hand Account of Dengue Fever
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