U.S. Currency Redesign Concept

As we travel around the world using all sorts of different currencies, one thing is becoming quite clear: compared to most other countries, the U. S. has some fantastically boring banknotes.

So I was really thrilled to see these amazing conceptual redesigns of existing U.S. bills from designer Travis Purrington.


They're beautiful and quite compelling, from the imagery of modern culture, iconic landmarks, recent achievements, and forward-looking endeavors to the unusual choice of portrait orientation. There are even different sizes for different denominations, a technique employed by many countries to help the visually impaired easily recognize which bill they have.

These conceptual designs may not become real banknotes, but Purrington's site says that his designs will soon be available as prints, which is almost as exciting.

(via Gizmodo)

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U.S. Currency Redesign Concept
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