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Interview with the Host of Kitty Chan

I take the hunt for appropriate lodging very seriously, with very methodical research, cross-referencing against reviews and then just when I am about to book, I do a little bit more research.

However, when I saw on Airbnb a listing with a picture of Hello Kitty titled "Kitty Chan, Kawaii Family Home." Yes, it was a Hello Kitty-themed apartment, and I knew we had to stay here—criteria be damned!

It ended up being one of our best Airbnb experiences (and one of our 20 Most Memorable Moments of 2014).

Image: Airbnb.

Image: Airbnb.

Not only was the host, Mika, amazing in her responsiveness, but she even had snacks provided when we arrived and emailed us the most incredible list of activities and restaurants in Osaka. And, it ended up her apartment met ALL of our criteria. It was meant to be. She even surpassed expectations with the loan of a portable wifi device so we could travel around Osaka and stay connected!

A Hello Kitty-themed apartment is a rarity, even on Airbnb, so I asked our amazing hostess, Mika, a bit more about her place and how she came to select the wonderful Kitty White.

Image: Airbnb. Your slipper experience may differ.

Image: Airbnb. Your slipper experience may differ.

Why a Hello Kitty-themed apartment?

Well, the first reason is just that I love Hello Kitty! But as well as that I discussed with Mark (her colleague) that as there are so many rooms on Airbnb now it is good to have something original and different to attract guests. He said he will do some Miyazaki Hayao Ghibli rooms and I thought of Kitty straight away. It’s cute and I think that it’s a famous Japanese thing that many people know already.


How did you find your Hello Kitty items and what are your future plans for the apartment?

Everything was from Rakuten, Amazon, or the Sanrio store. First I spent a day searching for what products are available, and soon I realised there are lots of Kitty goods. So then I searched for my favourites and found the cheapest sellers. Oh, and I was also lucky to find some things in Seria 100 yen shop. I buy a lot of basic things for my apartments there. I think now I want to add more cushions of Kitty, and some stickers to go on the walls and windows. I put them in my bigger Kitty apartment (my first one) and they are very popular!


Would you do other "themed" apartments?

Only Kitty at the moment. Although I am thinking about a Super-Kitty theme based on these images:

Fassbender guys like the Kitty. Image:  Distractify .

Fassbender guys like the Kitty. Image: Distractify.

Image:  Distractify .

Image: Distractify.

I hope male guests will like this idea and want to stay in a Hello Kitty room!

A male guest enjoying his stay at the Hello Kitty apartment.

A male guest enjoying his stay at the Hello Kitty apartment.

How long have you been offering a HK-themed apartment?

I started my first apartment Hello Kitty decorations in September 2014.

We loved all your suggestions about things to do in Osaka and places to eat. What is your philosophy about being a "host?”

I love Osaka, and I want my guests to love it as much as I do! Many big famous tourist sites are not so good in my opinion so I think it is easy to visit Osaka and miss some of the best experiences if noone tells you where to find them. So I try to tell my guests as much as I can so that they can have lots of ideas about what to do. Of course, I don’t want to confuse them though so I tried to keep it simple.


Japan was one of our favorite countries and Mika's apartment in Osaka one of our favorite apartments. Thank you, Mika (and Mark, too) for making our family of four so giddy and at home during our stay!

Check out the link to Kitty Chan below and make it a favorite on your wish list.


Chuo Ward, Shimanouchi
Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan


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All About the Fabulous Hello Kitty Apartment
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