What We Didn't Bring: Portable Document Scanner

There are many things we left behind when we embarked on this trip around the world, and one of those was a portable document scanner. Now you wouldn't think that we'd need something like that, but when it came time to submit a few documents to the travel insurance company for reimbursement, we sure could have used one.

We made it work (relying on friends in Hong Kong, paying for scans from a copy place in Vietnam, and taking photos in Thailand), but a portable scanner would have made all that a lot easier.

The Doxie Flip

Now I'm a big fan of my Doxie Flip Scanner, so much so that I even considered bringing it along with us on our trip. It's perfect for scanning scraps of paper, notebooks, sketches, and even old photos (a task at which it excels).

Ultimately, though, it proved to be too large and too heavy to slip into the luggage so I left it behind.

The Doxie Go Wi-Fi

But the new Doxie Go Wi-Fi that GeekDad's James Floyd Kelly recently reviewed, nicely solves the "too large" problem. It would have been the perfect scanner to slip into our suitcase.

This would have been the perfect tool to bring along, so if you're considering a long trip and may need the ability to scan documents, toss one of these babies into your bag.

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What We Didn't Bring: Portable Document Scanner
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