Five Reasons Why I Hate Jetstar

I hated Jetstar from the moment I saw their bad commercials.

I flew Jetstar for 4 hours from Singapore to Hong Kong. These are the top five reasons why I hate Jetstar:

  1. They had no TV screens at the back of the seats.
  2. Their plane was very dirty when I arrived.
  3. Their plane smelled like curdled milk.
  4. They charged us too much money for food. We ended up with two cupcakes and one coffee as well as one tea. The coffee and tea from Jetstar sucked. The cupcakes were only really good because they were from Twelve Cupcakes and not Jetstar.  
  5. When my mom tried to buy the tickets online, it didn’t work—she she ended up calling Jetstar and it cost more.

I'm not the only one who hates Jetstar. I like this website:

Gladly I think that’s the last time I’m going to fly Jetstar. Lucky, right?

  world traveler!

I really hate Jetstar!

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Five Reasons Why I Hate Jetstar
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