Announcing the Summer of 17

We took on the world, now we're taking on the United States.

Ramblers, Let's get Ramblin'.

We've been back home from our round-the-world adventure for two years now, and while we've taken a small few trips in that time, we've been keeping our adventures pretty close to home (except for that trip to Cuba last Christmas—more on that soon). But lately, we've all been feeling the need to roam.

So this summer we're packing up and hitting the road to experience that great tradition—the Epic American Roadtrip. We'll be traveling the highways and byways of the United States, journeying through 17 states in three weeks. Along the way we'll visit places like old Route 66, the Grand Canyon, Four Corners, Mount Rushmore, the Great Lakes, Graceland, the Alamo, and all the interesting Americana we find in between. And the gals have done extensive research on the best ice cream shops in America, so we're looking forward to some amazing ice cream moments.


We learned how to travel light on our trip around the world, and we wanted to keep that intact for this trip—that included trying to keep our means of travel as small as possible. We really wanted to avoid driving a huge RV around, like we did in New Zealand.

We remembered that when we traveled through New Zealand, we saw many people touring the country in JUCY vans, so when we learned JUCY now operates in the United States—and has a rental location in Los Angeles—we decided that was the way to go for the Summer of 17. After doing some research, it seemed that the JUCY Trailblazer would suit our needs perfectly.

JUCY Trailblazer

JUCY Trailblazer

The JUCY Trailblazer is a re-tooled minivan with a collapsible tent mounted on top. It's suitable for four travelers, and on the inside the passenger compartment can be configured into a double bed, a dining table, or a place to hang out. It also comes with a full kitchen, featuring running (but not potable) water, a refrigerator, and two butane-powered cooking stoves. It also has a plenty of storage—certainly enough for our light-traveling family.

Follow Along

This adventure begins very soon, and while we won't be posting on the World Travel Blog as often as we did when we toured the world, we will be showing off the sights and experiences on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

So join us (if you don't follow us already) while we explore some of the places—both wondrous and strange—this country has to offer. And if you have any ideas of places or things we should see, we're totally open to suggestions.

We'll see you out there!

Thank you to our friends at JUCY for providing us a discount to make our journey possible. All opinions are our own.


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Announcing the Summer of 17
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