The T-Mobile Simple Choice International Experience

Why We Love T-Mobile Simple Choice International

Here's the TL;DR summary: T-Mobile's Simple Choice International plan is fantastic, especially now that they've added Canada and Mexico. It is, as far as we're concerned, the best deal in cellular service and it gets our highest recommendation.

Before we left Los Angeles one year ago, we switched our mobile plans from AT&T to T-Mobile. We didn't want to incur huge overage fees that one does with AT&T and the prospect of buying sim cards from country to country, and T-Mobile's Simple Choice International plan seemed to solve all of our problems before we even had them.

What is T-Mobile Simple Choice International?

It's a plan that, for no additional charges, allows you to use your mobile device in more than 200 other countries with free data (up to your plan's allowance), free unlimited texting, and calls for $0.20/minute. The caveat is that with regard to data you'll only get maximum speeds of 3G (sometimes less)—which is perfectly fine for the purposes of navigation, translation, and.

But the key benefit is that as soon as your plane lands (or your bus or train or car crosses an international border), your phone just works—just remember to turn on data roaming.

If you're interested in a full country-by-country analysis of our experience using T-Mobile Simple Choice International over the course traveling for 333 days in 36 different countries, here is ...

Our Experience with Simple Choice International

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The T-Mobile Simple Choice International Experience
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