Leaving Easter Island


Thursday, 04-09-2014. Day 16.

Time zones and routine travel

We woke up, packed up, had breakfast, settled the bill, and took the shuttle to Mataveri International Airport.

Mataveri International Airport.

Mataveri International Airport.

Fun Fact: This airport was extended in 1987 as a possible abort landing site for a space shuttle launch. The shuttle never landed here, but there's an old NASA outpost on the island that Tiere showed us.

NASA Outpost on Easter Island. Looks spooky.

NASA Outpost on Easter Island. Looks spooky.

After we checked our bags in and sat for awhile, we got the call to board. We had to walk across the tarmac and climb the stairs to get into the plane. The girls got a kick out of this.

Once we were on the plane, it was pretty standard stuff. We flew the five ours back to Santiago, arriving at 9:00 p.m. We got our TransVIP shuttle (I've mentioned before how great these guys are) and took it to Hostal Rió Amazonas, a great little hostel near the Chilean National Zoo and right around the corner from Avenida Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins (which could be the greatest avenue name ever), where we checked in and headed off to bed.

Notable Statistics

  • Hours flying: 5

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Leaving Easter Island
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