Inside Jackie's Backpack

A Look at Jackie's Everyday Carry

Jackie's Everyday Carry.

  1. The Pack: Deuter Junior (Raspberry/Check).
  2. Polka dot camera case holding Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ3 camera. 
  3. Portable Whiteboard (for cursive practice).
  4. Homework Notebook (Made in New Zealand).
  5. Cursive Connection, Modern Style.
  6. Sticker activity sheet from some restaurant.
  7. Qantas Activity Book (given to kids flying on Qantas).
  8. Pink Blanket!
  9. REI Small Stuff Sack holding her prized Minecraft toys: Enderman Action Figure and Creeper Action Figure from Grandpa’s Toys in Gerladine, New Zealand.
  10. The Witch of Salt & Storm.
  11. All You Need is a Pencil Activity Book.
  12. Composition Book (travel journal).
  13. Ideas Become Things notebook for Jackie’s ideas that are to become things.
  14. A green mesh bag, a post-party gift from her friend Alice. It has hand sanitizer, travel toothbrush, toothpaste, facial wipes, lip balm. It is among her most prized possessions.
  15. Another travel toothbrush that was a gift from the flight attendants at Emirates Airlines.
  16. Jackie’s Kindle (a hand-me-down from her mom).
  17. An eye mask and an extra eye mask.
  18. A small ziploc bag full of hand-selected shells.
  19. Life Gear Flashlight/Whistle.
  20. Orange Vaultz Mesh Bag filled with pens, pencils, erasers, and a pencil sharpener. 
  21. Slamwich.
  22. Travel Chess.
  23. Bag with KidzGear Headphones and iPod.
  24. Box of hair ties.
  25. Two colored pencil sets (one with built-in sharpener) and one package of double-sided crayons.
  26. Parting shell necklace gift from Cabañita Rapa Nui Orita (Easter Island).
  27. Speedo Goggles.
  28. Roll-on sunscreen and peppermint hand sanitizer.
  29. Sunglasses.
  30. Mr. Tom’s travel facial tissue.
  31. Knit hat.
  32. Pashmina Shawl
  33. A pair of socks.
  34. Wet Hair Brush.
Inside Jackie's Backpack
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