Two Cool Things from Hong Kong

We're leaving Hong Kong today (yes, I'm a little behind on the daily updates, but we've been temporarily down a parent and it's been a pretty hectic week). So until I catch up on the dailies, here are two cool things we found in Hong Kong.

The Awataccino 3D Latte Maker


It's a 3D Latte maker that helps you make your own latte art. It just so happens there's a helpful instructional video on YouTube. Here's how it works:

Yura Yura Coffee

If the Awataccino is not your speed, we also found Yura Yura Coffee, which looks to be a really fun game. At least I think it looks fun — we couldn't read the instructions.


We haven't played it (nor did we buy it), but it sure is cute.

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Two Cool Things from Hong Kong
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