Brussels to Berlin to Copenhagen

German Interlude

(Or, a Funny Thing happened on the way to Berlin)

After our too short few days Brussels, it was time for us to head to Berlin. This meant a drive almost all the way across Germany in a single shot. Traveling something like 750 kilometers in upwards of seven hours didn't appeal to anyone.

Fortunately, after searching around for a suitable mid-way point, we stumbled across Phantasialand, the greatest theme park you've (probably) never heard of.

We spent the night in Hotel Matamba, one of the hotels adjacent to the park and enjoyed a seriously fun time exploring , and you can read more about our adventure over at GeekDad.

But adventure calls, and one can't play all the time. So we said goodbye to Phantasialand, piled back into Persephone, and headed off across Germany to Berlin (still enjoying driving along the Autobahn).

However, we were only in Berlin for a night before we drove out to the airport, parked the car at McParking (really) and few to Copenhangen, Denmark for a few days.

This update covers days 283—285.

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Brussels to Berlin to Copenhagen
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