Petrol Warungs

Once again, we didn't do anything notable for three days. At one point, Samantha took a yoga class and got a massage, and one day we visited our new friends Charly & Martin who are traveling for a year with their two children. It's always enjoyable to hang out with other adults.

But aside from that, nothing notable happened for a few days, so, instead, I'm going to tell you about one of my favorite Bali phenomena—the petrol warung.

Petrol Warung

A warung is a small, usually family-owned shop in Indonesia. These line the streets of Bali. Some are like convenience stores, some offer laundry services, some are like restaurants, some sell art, and we even saw one that was an art supply shop. Most often warungs are very simple, but sometimes they can be a little fancier.

And quite a few of them sell 1-liter bottles of petrol from little wooden racks on the side of the road.


There are relatively few petrol stations, at least as we're used to seeing them, in the Ubud area. These are usually only in larger city centers where they sell petrol for around 6,000 rupiah a liter (about $0.49, which works out to about $1.87 U.S. a gallon).


But there are none of these stations once you get away from the town centers , so many of the roadside warungs sell petrol in bottles from these little handmade stands. Sometimes these shops are mechanics or motorbike repair shops, but most often we saw these racks set up just outside the door of a warung that also sold water or soda or snacks.

The warungs sell the bottles for 7,000 rupiah, and, we were told by one of our drivers, they hold somewhat less than a liter of petrol.


But my favorite aspect of these petrol warungs is the high incidence of Absolut (vodka) bottles re-purposed as fuel delivery devices.


Although some vendors will use just about any old bottle they can find.

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Petrol Warungs
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