I Rode On a Scooter in Bali

I rode on a scooter. It was fun. I was scared at first, but I got over it. It’s like sitting in a car except  no top of the car and no windows to roll down.


There are lots of scooters in Ubud, Bali. My family was going to rent one, but we saw you needed a special license to ride a scooter. Some people ride scooters without the license. If those people can get pulled over by the police they would have to pay money for not having a scooter license.

One day we were walking back from dinner when my family saw Komang (the lady at our villa's name is Komang ). Anyway, we saw her and she pulled over near us on her scooter and said,"Hi," and asked me if I wanted to ride. My parents said, "Do you want to ride, Jackie? You can." I said, "Okay," and I got on. Komang's son Joseph was also on the scooter, so I had to ride on the back.

While I was riding it was super fun. I knew where to put my hands because I saw other people riding—you had to hold on to the person in front of you. The wind blew on my face, and it felt nice because it's always so hot in Bali.

While we were riding, Komang asked me some questions, like if I'd ever been on a scooter before and if there were scooters where I lived. I told her there are scooters where I live, but not as many and this was my first time riding one. And my parents don't ride either.

When we got to the villa, I waited inside the villa by myself until my parents and my older sister came.

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I Rode On a Scooter in Bali
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