I Rode on a Cyclo in Vietnam!

I rode a cyclo and took a cooking class in Vietnam.

The streets were busy as usual. It was a one person cyclo but I rode on my mom's lap. It felt a bit scary because you felt like cars were gonna hit you but they did not.

We went to the markets to buy ingredients  for the cooking class. We found out that there was another group joining us  they knew little English and they were from Tokyo, Japan. When we got to the restaurant they gave us welcoming drinks that were just lemonade. We had five or ten minutes to relax before cooking.

Knife skills.

Knife skills.

The chef was very nice his name was Chef Vu. He showed us how to cut the perfect way and then make spring rolls. Then we made some chicken and other things like soup (I do not remember what the soup had in it, sorry).

We also made a pancake with some food that i can’t remember whats inside. Then Chef Vu  showed us how to make a swan, a rose, and a heart made out of fruit and some veggies.

Then we ate all the food we made and the nice people from Tokyo, Japan ate all the food they made. The class and trip to the markets was four hours but it was definitely worth it.

~ world traveler!

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I Rode on a Cyclo in Vietnam!
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