Paperback Pigeon Coos About Taking On The World

There are so many ways to travel the world.

One way is through the charming, Paperback Pigeon, which is penned by Julianne Westrich, where she highlights children's literature, weaving together books and travel, and so much more.


We are honored that in a recent post titled Of Phileas Fogg and other world travelers, we were mentioned along with the illustrious Mr.Fogg and others who have undertaken trips around the world. She writes:

But could this actually be done in this day and age? Absolutely. Check out the incredible blog Samantha Sackin, her husband Tom Fassbender, and their two daughters, Frankie and Jackie, are currently in the middle of their own round-the world adventure. 

Read the rest of the article over at Paperback Pigeon and please check out the rest of this  wonderful blog.

No matter where she is, can be found searching blogs for new places to eat, best street food, and great recipes.

More from Samantha.

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Paperback Pigeon Coos About Taking On The World
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