Toilets of the World

On Excreting in Foreign Lands

We've used a lot of toilets on our trip. the best were the ones in Japan that came with self-warming toilet seats, multiple cleaning nozzles (they're not for cleaning the toilet, by the way), and camouflaging sounds.

Best toilet ... so far.

Best toilet ... so far.

The worst were the squat-toilet on the overnight train to Xi'an, while the most fascinating was the Exeloo in a Melbourne park. So it should be no surprise that we really enjoyed reading  Bathroom Tips for Across the Globe from our friends at the Eagle Creek blog.

It's not a comprehensive list by any means (it only details six different countries), but it does cover some of the more extreme international excretory scenarios. Belgium, for instance, will offer some potential interesting sights for the girls:

Don’t gasp when you’re strolling the cobblestones streets of Ghent and come across a gentleman relieving himself in an open-air urinal. While shocking at first sight, the system does keep the streets clean and odor-free.

We're looking forward to trying out more interesting toilets and the culture of waste management.

Toilets of the World: Bathroom Tips for Across the Globe via Eagle Creek Blog.

Header image: The bathroom at Taco Casa in Bali.

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Toilets of the World
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