Foreign Fast Food: KFC Zinger Double-Down King

Bacon & Beef between two deep-fried Breasts of Chicken

After our adventures with Burger King Japan's Kuro Burger, we stepped things up with South Korea's KFC Zinger Double-Down King. But first, a little backstory.

It all started in October, when my friend James Owen posted a picture of this epic sandwich on Facebook. At the time we were enjoying Perth, Australia, but eventually we'd be making our way to South Korea. And when we did, this sandwich would be on the menu.

As it turns out, finding a KFC in Seoul wasn't as easy as expected. The language barrier made it a challenge to get driving directions with Navermap (remember, SK doesn't use Google Maps), and it was too cold to go walking around searching for a KFC anyway.

But, fortunately for international travelers everywhere, Seoul's Incheon Airport has not one but two KFC restaurants. And so we made our plan to search out and devour one of these massive meat monstrosities as we left the country.

And that's just what we did. But first ...

What it's supposed to look like


Now that's an enticing food picture.

But, here's ....

What it actually looked like


Egads! What a mess. It wasn't easy to eat either. Couple that with the general lack of napkins in Asia and we made a huge mess cramming this thing into our mouths (my daughters ahd to help; my wife wisely abstained).

It was tasty enough, though. But I didn't eat for a whole day after I ate this thing.

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Foreign Fast Food: KFC Zinger Double-Down King
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