Tsukunejima (津久根島)

A Food Adventure in Hiroshima

After a bullet train ride from Osaka to Hiroshima and wandering around Hiroshima for the day, we ventured out to find a restaurant we'd learned about totally at random from food critic Andy Hayler's blog. We managed to find it after a good amount of hunting, and, well, we're glad we did. It was amazing.

Read more about Tsukunejima: A Fantastic Dining Experience in Hiroshima at Boing Boing.


Closing note about British food critic Andy Hayler: he has independent reviews of more than 350 Michelin-starred restaurants (including all 110 3-star restaurants) around the world on his site. If you like food, check out his site.

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Tsukunejima (津久根島)
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